Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The dilly-dahle Chronicles

Chapter 2 *


In which we learn that Ella has a serious case of "An-DEN"-tonitis.

Sophie was an adorable, affectionate little girl. She kept her parents on their toes. Her sixth sense continued to develop, and over the next few months she also added Avid Climber, and Experienced Escape Artist to her resume. Which made bed time a full time job. But that's another chapter, for another day.

This particular chapter is about Ella.

Ella was a smart girl, and she noticed that Sophie's unusual talents were taking up an inappropriate amount of her parent's time. She knew she couldn't compete in chocolate sensing department, and her climbing coordination wasn't quite on par with Sophie. But she could do something amazing. She could talk. And not just talk. She could talk non-stop to anyone, anywhere, about anything, with out stopping. Did I mention she could talk non-stop? Well, she could. And she found that the best place to do this was in the car, where she had a captive audience. And because Tucson is a geographical oddity, and it takes about 20 minutes to get anywhere (and everywhere), family errands turned into 20 minute Ella narratives. Her favorite topic of narration: the day.

"Today I woke up, An-DEN I watched a show An-DEN I ate breakfast. I had cheerios with milk An-DEN I got dressed An-DEN I brushed my teeth An-DEN I had to go to school. Sophie came with me but Dad didn't because he had to go to work. An-DEN I had school An-DEN Mom came to pick me up An-DEN I ate lunch An-DEN..." When she ran out of things to say about her day she would recount details about yesterday.

And when she ran out of things to say about her past she would start reciting movies. "Kung-fu-poo" Panda was her favorite to retell...for about a month...An-DEN she moved on to Spirited Away. During a typical day her parents could be expected to say, "Okay Ella, it's someone else's turn to talk now," about 14 times.

Meanwhile Sophie was scaling the pantry shelves, dumping out potato pearls and sugar, finding permanent markers, figuring out how to unlock doors, getting chocolate finger prints on everything, gathering sand to dump on Ella's head, and all other sorts of general mischief.

Hopefully, in one of these chapters mom develops a second pair of hands...or gets a house cleaner.

*Don't remember Chapter 1? Catch up here.*


Troy and Nancee said...

I think you are the only other person I know of that's heard of Spirited Away. Crazy movie, huh?

Marci said...

Oh, don't you just love being a mom!?

Andi said...

I love that she talks so much... especially with you as her mom. It's an opposites go together type of thing.

My nephew is the same way. His mom has resorted to just telling him to "STOP TALKING!". Or, "let's just all be quiet for a minute". You're polite to suggest that it might be someone else's turn.