Tuesday, August 24, 2010


"experience: the thing you get the second after you needed it."

I got in a fight with 2 mesquite trees and 3 yucca plants last night. I won. But just barely. It's clearly time to invest in some chain mail armor if I intend on doing any more pruning in my yard. I look like I wrestled with half a dozen ornery cats.

While I was working, several neighbors walked by and expressed their sympathy. "I had to do that last week, it's not very fun," "Good luck with that!" and my personal favorite, "Well that's a mistake you only make once! I just hired someone to pull all my yucca's out."

(Um, can I get the name of that person).

Other things you (should) only do once...
  • take a baby on an airplane with out a change of clothing
  • buy an Alero.
  • try to fix a bad hair day with a pair of scissors.
  • lick a nine volt battery.
  • give a cat a bath.
I've got plenty more, but I stop there for now.

Anyone else have any one time mistakes experiences?

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Happy Birthday, Party Girl!