Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Weekend Wanderings | February 24-26

When a sunny and 70 degree weather forecast coincides with an obligation free weekend we'd be silly not to spend it at the coast.  We spent a couple days in Atlantic Beach and Beaufort, North Carolina.  Some highlights included a morning walk on the beach, the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knolls Shores, a windy afternoon at the beach, old burying grounds in Beaufort, the North Carolina Maritime Museum, the boat shop, and general wandering that is a part of all Dahle vacations. 

I am fascinated with Live Oak Trees

"I turn! I turn"  (Isaac refers to himself as "I")
Ella and Jacob spend their downtime at restaurants solving math problems on paper napkins, naturally.
Isaac mostly wanted to be cuddled in his towel at the beach, but he did play in the sand for a few minutes.  He also really enjoyed watching Jacob duck out of the way of our crazy kamikaze kite.  

The girls decided it was warm enough to play in the water

Morning cartoons

Learning about the people buried in the Old Burial Grounds in Beaufort

Isaac was really happy about the fire truck that Jacob drew on his cup

He also thought these newspaper vending boxes looked like Lego houses, and really wanted to take one home. 

Library goals

Learning about bending wood

The cutest little table saw.  I'm pretty sure I need one of these.

U boat model in progress

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Piran, Slovenia

We landed in Venice, Italy on a Monday morning.  We rented a car at the airport and drove 2 hours to Piran, Slovenia making one quick stop at a gas station near the border to buy a vignette (sticker that allows travel on toll roads).  My first impression of Slovenia:  it's beautiful.  Piran is a small town on a small peninsula on the Adriatic Sea.  It is a town with narrow streets, colorful houses, and red tile roofs.  A perfect place for wandering with minimal map use.  We were only there for a day, but we felt like we had a pretty good feel of the place after a few hours of exploring.


Accomodations:  We stayed at Hotel Piran,  It was right on the water, and right in the middle of the town.

Food of note:  We weren't super hungry our first day, most likely because of jet lag.  So we didn't eat too much.  We did try a croissant type pastry at Pekarna Rina.  We had a yummy breakfast (yogurt, nuts, dried fruit, olives, cheese, and croissants) Tuesday morning at our hotel. 

Highlights:  Visiting St George's Cathedral and going up into the bell tower, for an awesome view of Piran.
Visiting the Salt Shop (Piranski Soline) and learning a little about the salt pans and how sea salt is collected.  

Regrets:  We didn't swim.  Even though it wasn't super warm, it wasn't super cold (~60 degrees).  It would have been pretty awesome to swim in the Adriatic Sea. 

Marco Polo Airport

Driving into Piran

The fact of the day in the hotel lobby was about Vermont

View from the hotel

Tartini Square

The square and statue of Giuseppe Tartini

Tartini Square from the bell tower of St George's Cathedral
Castle on the hill

We didn't swim, but at least we put our feet in.

I love that church right on the tip of the pennisula

Streets Alleyways of Piran

We walked up the hill to the castle, but we were to jet lagged to go in.

St George Cathedral from the castle
Salt shop