Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Gravity of the Situation

This is Isaac's patch shirt.  It's his favorite shirt.  Today I learned that in addition to looking good, the patch also doubles as a walkie-talkie type communication device.  Now put that information aside for a second while I tell you about Gravity.

Isaac has an imaginary friend that stops by regularly.  His name is Gravity.  He tends to show up while the sisters are at school.  He usually plays trains, cars, or tag, and eats snacks with Isaac.  Gravity is a little mischievous, and Isaac does a good job watching out for Gravity to make sure he doesn't get in any trouble.  He makes sure doors are locked and dangerous things are put away so that Gravity stays safe.  He does get frustrated when he has to clean up Gravity's messes.  He sometimes argues with me over the injustice of cleaning up a mess that he didn't make.  "But Mom, Gravity made these toys fall to the ground."

Gravity showed up for the first time several months ago, just after Ella explained to Isaac why a necklace she was playing with kept sliding off her leg even though she wasn't touching it.  I think the explanation was something like "There's an invisible force, called gravity that pulls things to the ground."  Since then Gravity has shown up in a couple other unexpected, and completely relevant places.  

In September I took Isaac to Vermont.  We went to Shelburne Orchards to pick apples.  I was looking forward to introducing him to cider donuts and the giant rope swing.  Unfortunately, the rope swing was out of commission, so we played on the slide instead.  "Look mom, Gravity is helping me go down the slide."  

Last month we went to the Cranberry Harvest Festival, and we went on a tractor ride tour of the bogs.  Isaac was excited to hear our tour guide tell us how gravity helps fill the bogs with water.  "Mom, Gravity helps them!"

Back to the patch shirt walkie-talkie thing.  I learned about his communication device today when he told me "I talked to the Tall Gravities, to ask them if Gravity could come over for a sleep over."  

"The Tall Gravities?"

"Yes, they are Gravity's parent's."

"Oh, I see.  That makes sense."  *trying not to laugh

"Mom this is serious,  this is about Gravity."

Isaac enjoying a cider donut with Gravity.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saint Anthony's Feast

We spent the evening in Boston's North End. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Snapshots: Isaac at 2.25 years old

Me:  Isaac, can you look at the camera please?
Isaac: Just a minute, I'm looking at the flowers.

Any time we ask a yes or no question he prefaces his answer with "probably."

For example,
Me:  Would you like a banana?  
Isaac:  Probly, yah.

Jacob:  Isaac, is Sophie buckled?
Isaac:  Probly, yah.

He's started playing pretend.  Some of my favorites:  Using the vacuum hose attachments as fire hoses to put out fires all over the house.  Using the balloon pump to "fix" his car.    His sisters have also taught him various Harry Potter spells.  It's pretty adorable to see him pick up a pencil and yell "DUPIFY!" (stupify)

He loves to play in the water.  Especially drinking fountains and sinks.  He offers to wash the dishes anytime he hears me remind someone to put their dishes in the sink.  He'll come running in from the other room, "I wash the dishes mom!  Where's my chair?"

His love of water is rivaled only by his love of sand/dirt.  This is his current favorite spot to play.

He asks questions all day long.  "Where are we going?"  "Mom, what are you doing?"  "What are you making?"  When I answer him he usually responds with a quick "hmm" as if he's thoughtfully considering the answer.

At any given time he has in his bed roughly 3 stuffed animals, 2 blankets, 4 pacifiers, 6 cars, 8 books and as many misc toys as he can get away with.  Every day at bed/nap time he collects a few more things to take to bed with him.  Periodically, I have to ignore his protests and empty out his crib so that there is room for him.

When he first started talking he came up with his own words for certain things that he couldn't say correctly.   Deedoe (Sophie), Addie (Blanket), Duba (pacifier), Muck (pants).  He's used these words consistently for over a year.  This past month he started calling some of them by the correct names.  I'm going to miss his made up words.  Especially hearing him say "deedoo deedoe" (thank you, Sophie)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Weekend Wanderings | February 24-26

When a sunny and 70 degree weather forecast coincides with an obligation free weekend we'd be silly not to spend it at the coast.  We spent a couple days in Atlantic Beach and Beaufort, North Carolina.  Some highlights included a morning walk on the beach, the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knolls Shores, a windy afternoon at the beach, old burying grounds in Beaufort, the North Carolina Maritime Museum, the boat shop, and general wandering that is a part of all Dahle vacations. 

I am fascinated with Live Oak Trees

"I turn! I turn"  (Isaac refers to himself as "I")
Ella and Jacob spend their downtime at restaurants solving math problems on paper napkins, naturally.
Isaac mostly wanted to be cuddled in his towel at the beach, but he did play in the sand for a few minutes.  He also really enjoyed watching Jacob duck out of the way of our crazy kamikaze kite.  

The girls decided it was warm enough to play in the water

Morning cartoons

Learning about the people buried in the Old Burial Grounds in Beaufort

Isaac was really happy about the fire truck that Jacob drew on his cup

He also thought these newspaper vending boxes looked like Lego houses, and really wanted to take one home. 

Library goals

Learning about bending wood

The cutest little table saw.  I'm pretty sure I need one of these.

U boat model in progress