Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The dilly-dahle Chronicles

Chapter 1


In which we learn that Sophie has a sixth sense.

Once upon a time there was fun little desert dwelling family. The dad's name was Jacob. He liked folk dancing, the Jason Bourne movies, and new toothbrushes. He didn't like socks with holes, strawberries, or Radioshack batteries. Heather was the mom. She liked chewing gum, freshly cut grass, and the smell of little babies right after bathtime. She didn't like peas, going to the pharmacy, or the smell of lilac scented candles. There was also a girl named Ella. She liked Sleeping Beauty, books, and riding buses. She didn't like Alfredo sauce, getting her face wet, or smoky fires. And there was a little girl named Sophie. She didn't like burritos, wearing shoes, or being left behind. She did like horses, climbing, and most importantly, sweets.

She loved any kind of sweets... candy, chocolate, cookies...and in her short 19 months of life, she had developed an uncanny ability to detect the presence of sugar in any room. It started with the ability to distinguish the sound of a candy wrapper being opened, and developed to the point that she could detect treats, in any room even if it was wrapped up and out of sight. Her acute skills were so well-honed that her parents couldn't even sneak a piece of chocolate behind her back. It was as though she could sense their intentions before they even got the chocolate out. She would run to them with one arm outstretched, the other hadn't signing "please," a look of anticipation in her eyes, saying "Me. Me. Me."
Most of the time it was a great stress to her parents, in particular her mom (the dietitian), who wanted to make sure that she didn't eat too many sweets. However, her sixth sense came in handy when the family was searching for buried chocolate treasure!


wrightNOW said...

Hey Heather, I can't read this post because it shows up in strange writting...using shapes and symbals...is this just my computer?

Heather said...

I changed the font. Did that fix it? Weird!

Mak said...

Can't wait to read more!

Justin said...

your cookie comment is funny :)

Neta said...

Hope she gets sealants on all her teeth soon.