Saturday, April 25, 2009

I can take a hint

I gave my girls baths this morning. They really needed them. Sophie was done first. Ella still wanted to play some more. I got Sophie out, and got her dried off. I sat cross legged on the floor. I had her stand in front of me while I put lotion on, diaper on, shirt on. Then I had her sit on my lap to put her pants on. She said "ouch. hurts." She has a tendency to say that when she doesn't want to put on a particular article of clothing. I got out some pants that I know she likes. She sat down on my lap again. She said "ouch. hurts." I made her put on the pants anyway.

Then Ella was ready to get out of the tub. I dried her off and sat cross legged on the floor. I put lotion on her. She put on her own clothes. She was having trouble putting on her pants. She sat down in my lap so that I could help her. She said "ouch. that hurts." I said "what hurts?" She said "my leg hurts." I said, "Why does your leg hurt?" She said, "because your poky legs are poking my legs."

I took a shower this morning. I really needed it. I shaved my legs.


kellie said...

Drew calls them "spikes". So funny.

Ashlie said...

Are you sure it was leg hairs? Maybe it's because you are so skinny . . .