Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Schloss Moosham

We were excited to tour the Witches Castle.  Unfortunately, we missed the last tour of the season by 3 minutes.  We tried to find the tour group to see if we could catch up, but no luck.  The place was  completely deserted.  We wandered around the empty courtyard, took some pictures, and tried not to get too spooked by the weird sounds that we could hear coming from the castle.  Or the surrounding forest.  We couldn't really tell where they were coming from.  This place definitely lives up to it's name.  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Road tripping through Austria

Some things we learned our first day in Austria
1.  Austria is ridiculously beautiful.  
2.  Things start on time (See Schloss Moosham)
3.  Mountains everywhere means tunnels (and tolls) everywhere
4.  Austrians are really good (and fast) drivers.  
5.  So. many. castles.

A few years ago Jacob interviewed with a company in Villach, Austria.  We ended up taking a job in North Caroloina, not Austria (obviously).  But we thought it would be fun to stop and see what the town was like.  We literally, only stopped long enough to grab a few sandwiches and then we were back on the road, but it seems like a cool place.  Who knows we could end up there someday.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Vintgar Gorge

The day we forgot that vacation is supposed to be relaxing.

We were traveling from Bled to Salzburg and had 3 stops planned.  Our main plan for the day was the 2:00 PM tour at the Witches Castle in Unternberg, Austria.  We also wanted to check out Vintgar Gorge before leaving Slovenia.  We had a nice relaxing morning, but didn't get checked out of our hotel until 10:30.  We gave ourselves 40 minutes to see the gorge which was not nearly enough time. I am so glad we went and wished we would have stayed longer.

Next stop Villach, Austria and then the much anticipated Witches Castle.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Picture heavy post today because Lake Bled is that beautiful.  Seriously, this might have been my favorite day of the whole trip.  Autumn leaves, mountains, a lake with an island only accessible by row boat, a quaint church with a wishing bell, a castle on the cliff, famous bled cake, and pizza that I still dream about.  

We stayedPension Pletna
We ate:  Bled cream cakePizzeria Rustika
We saw: bled island, bled castle, the church on bled island (renting a row boat to row out the the island was the best decision of the whole day).