Friday, October 10, 2008

The Y Files: Case of the Missing Cookie Cutters

('Y' as in Yes, I'm losing my mind)!

Case Number: 2013566 SB
Current Status: UNSOLVED

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a little window shopping, and enjoy the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations that are out in the stores. These excursions can be a little damaging to my bank account, but on this particular occasion, I managed to leave only a measly $2 dollars poorer. I bought a few fun fall cookie cutters, with the intent of doing some Halloween baking this weekend.

On the way home Sophie started crying (I think she really wanted the two adorable mirrors that would look perfect in my bathroom) and then wailing. I tried Bear...I tried snacks...oops, I forgot toys...I handed her the cookie cutters. Those kept her occupied for about a half a minute, then she started screaming again.

So 20 minutes later we arrived home totally frazzled. I got the girls in the house, and Sophie down for a nap, and went back out to the car to find my cookie cutters. They weren't there. I checked my bag...not there. I checked Sophie's stuff...Not There! I went back out to the car...Not There! I searched in, around, under the car seats, in the glove compartment, in the I losing my mind?...My cookie cutters are (cue eerie X files music) ...gone!!!

I have come to the conclusion that my cookie cutters are the same place as that J.C. Penny receipt, which is a whole nuther............... nuther?, another?, whole other?............which is a completely different story (and one for someone else to tell).

There is just simply no other explanation.

Have You Seen Us?

Wilton (R) Harvest Mini Metal Cutter Set
Set of 6 shapes: pumpkin, apple, maple leaf, oak leaf, elm leaf and acorn.
Recipe included.
Each shape is approximately 1 1/2 in.
Set Number: 2308-1217
Last Seen: 10/09/2008 in a
Silver Oldsmobile Alero with Tucson License plates


Suzann said...

Don't worry! The same thing is happening to me too! I have lost so many things lately. You're not alone.

Ashlie said...

Maybe she was crying because she ingested them???? JK

You made me feel 95% better about my loss of mind, mindlessness, absent mindedness. ;)

Glennis said...

Never mind, losing cookie cutters and assorted other things, is something that just happens after a certain age! Have you looked in the deep freeze, a great place that seems to just gobble up assorted things! Haha.
Greetings from New Zealand.