Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quirky Tag

I was tagged by Brooke

So here it goes... 6 unspectacularly quirky things about myself...

1. I love bananas, can easily eat 3 a day, but I despise banana flavored things. I won't eat banana bread, banana shakes, banana candies (especially the little banana runts, and banana flavored Laffy Taffy). And I really don't like it when a banana's been kept in the same bag as, lets say, a sandwich, and the sandwich tastes like banana. Even if the sandwich has been in a Ziplock bag, I can always tell if it has been closed in, in close proximity to a banana.

2. I have a pack-a-day chewing gum habit.

3. I can only handle 2 noises at a time. If Ella's trying to talk to me, and Sophie's big deal. If Ella's trying to talk to me, and Sophie is crying, and Jacob is watching TV, something has to stop. And I can handle the radio, and the TV on at the same time, but if someone start I have a hard time at busy restaurants, and big parties. I don't think it's a volume thing, because I like to listen to loud music, and loud theaters don't bother me. I think it's just the chaos.

4. The last thing I eat every night is a handful of pretzels.

5. I don't like my bones touching. For example. When I sleep on my side I can't have my legs perfectly lined up on top of one another so that my knees and ankles touch. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. It made for an interesting conversation the first time Jacob and I were riding together in the back of a squished car, and our knees were touching. I tried scooting, and re-situating myself in order to prevent our knee caps from touching, but it was just to squished... so I just put my hand between our knees.

6. I like to pretend I'm an awesome choreographer, and choreograph dances while I'm in the shower.

I tag Megan, Lesley, and Justin!


Troy and Nancee said...

I feel exactly the same way about bananas. Except I will eat banana bread.

Justin Brunson said...

as a tag-ee, what's my job description?

Heather said...

guess i wasn't very clear. You are supposed to write 6 quirky but unspectacular things about yourself, then tag 6 people to do the same on their blogs.

Melissa said...

the banana thing is funny, i just hate all banana things and bananas, i figured that was how it worked. your pictures are awesome! what kind of camera do you have?

Andi said...

Totally with you on the banana flavoring thing. When I was younger, I would eat all of the runts except the banana ones... yuck! Banana popsicles... disgusting!

brooke said...

love it Heather! those are all really good ones. I am totally with you on the chaos thing and I think banana flavoring does taste a lot more artificial than other flavors.