Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I taught a mini photography/photo editing tutorial to the Laurels in my ward last night. This is what they did.

Don't they look amazing?!!


Kim said...

All their pictures are great! The pictures you take are really good too, I may need you to teach me a thing or two.

Lori Lou said...

I love your handy work. Maybe I could sign up for tutoring. Of course, I would have to fork out the big bucks for the software.

Heather said...

GIMP is an open source photo editing program that you can download for free! It is very similar to photoshop, and it works really well.

Toller Family Blog said...

Thanks for working with the girls, Heather. You are an awesome Young Women's leader!

Aubry said...

Can I use GIMP with my Mac?
I love your photos... what camera do you have?

Heather said...

Yes, GIMP will run on a Mac if you are running 0SX.

Go to
There are several links on that page. Click on the Wilbur loves apple link. On the Wilbur loves apple page there is a download button near the top. Click on that. There are several options there. It looks like you need X11 to run GIMP on your Mac.

Hope that helps. Give me a call if you have more questions!