Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend Wanderings: September 9-10

The National Folk Festival was held this weekend in Greensboro, NC.
Ella likes to give us a hard time about how we don't let her in on our plans until right before it's time to go somewhere.  This time was no exception.  Unfortunately for her, we don't really make plans until it's time to go.  Fortunately for us, she's generally a good sport about it.

Sophie was a little less than enthusiastic about the festival. 

After some excellent Mariachi music (and a pimento cheese smothered corndog, hold the pimento cheese) she decided the festival wasn't so bad after all. 
Also, there was this most excellent vampire bat puppet that she could spend her money on.  So that was a plus.

Isaac was there for the buses.
Saturday we watched Sophie almost make 4 goals at her soccer game. 
Ella participated in a mud run.

The rest of us ate candy... unicorn books...

...and practiced gymnastics... Historic downtown Wake Forest
We ended the day dancing at the Old Murphy School in Durham.

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