Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Short Tribute to September in Vermont

Please allow me to indulge in some nostalgia and melancholy for a moment.  I am missing Vermont.

September is my favorite month, and is the most magical month in Vermont.  The days are still warm enough to enjoy favorite summer activities, but the crispness in the morning air and the first touches of color on the leaves promise a spectacular autumn just around the corner.  The new school year begins, but the state fair is still in town.  People begin decorating their porches with mums and pumpkins, while planning to squeeze in one last weekend trip to the beach.  "U-pick" signs appear on street corners directing cars to nearby apple orchards and pumpkin patches.  Maple creamee stands start to close up for the season, and fresh apple cider and cider donuts become a diet staple.  Of course no September is complete without a few trips to the Farm for breakfast at the Inn, and the harvest festival. This is how I always want to remember Vermont.  Oh, how I miss September in Vermont...and these little girls!


Julie Groff said...
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Julie Groff said...

It sounds so mesmerizing! I don't know what it is this year, but I feel a deep yearning for Fall weather and festivities coupled with a heavy heart knowing that it won't be here!