Thursday, October 6, 2016

Weekend Wanderings | September 30- October 1

Friday night Ella was my assistant for a photoshoot at Yates Mill Park.  We almost got rained out, but the dark clouds passed and left us with some beautiful light. We experimented with some poses during outfit changes.  The bridge pose was inspired by Apryl.

Saturday we went to the Heritage Day celebration at Historic Oak View Park with some friends.  The park is a preserved 19th century cotton farm.  This particular event included pony rides, horse drawn wagon rides, fishing, old fashioned hoop and stick games, craft displays, trade demonstrations, a car show, and a quilt show.   While Sophie was getting her face painted, and Ella and Isaac were playing on the cars, Jacob and I were drawn into the quilt auction and ended up with five quilts.  So a pretty successful day over all.  We will definitely be back to explore more of the buildings and history of the place. 

It is now October. Which, according to Sophie Law, means cloaks and kitty ears are required attire, pumpkin buckets must be used to transport everyday items (ie water bottles to soccer practice), and the house must be decorated appropriately.

Only 25 more days until Halloween!


Brooke said...

Love your weekend excursions!

Erin L said...

So fun! Beautiful quilts too.