Friday, December 2, 2016

Škocjan Caves

Škocjan caves are incredible.  It is a world heritage site, and a living cave.  I believe it is one of the largest underground canyons in the world.  It was huge.  There were crazy stalactite and stalagmite formations, as well as a river flowing through part of it.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to take pictures inside except at the very end of the tour.  It's worth googling some images if you're interested.

We were running late (of course) and almost missed the tour.  But we were able to catch up after a furious half mile jog. 

The very end of the tour where we were allowed to take pictures.
The forest around the cave was beautiful. 

After the caves we went in search of some lunch and ended up at a restaurant (Gastolina Muha) in Lokev for some delicious salad and pork.  The restaurant is just a few miles from the Lipica horse farm, so we decided to drive through it and see if we'd be lucky enough to see a famous Lipizzaner horse.  No such luck, but the drive was beautiful.

Gostilna Muha

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