Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I like January. It's nice and mellow.

We mostly hangout and watch movies, and work on projects.

Our big project this January was redoing our website, which is still a work in progress, but coming along.

I've really enjoyed working in primary this past month (not that I didn't enjoy it before...this month has just been really fun).  I love being in there with my girls.  The kids are awesome, and the other adults I work with are amazing.  I love that anytime anyone asks a question Sophie, and her friend Ethan, always raise their hands with an answer that is only somewhat relevant.

I read 4 books this month. I love having lots of reading time.

We've had a little bit of snow, but not nearly what we were expecting. The girls so far are completely unimpressed by Vermont winters. We probably talked it up a little too much when we moved. We did have a few days of absolutely frigid temps. One day it was below zero when we had to leave for church, and Sophie flatly refused to leave the house. The rest of the winter been very mild.  It hovers right around freezing which results in rain and melted puddles of snow when it's above freezing.  And when it drops below freezing creates layers of ice on everything.  Navigating the sidewalks can be downright treacherous.  Otherwise, I think we're acclimating quite well. Forty degrees now feels fairly warm.

We went sledding with some friends with Sophie's super fast new sled.

We've also been slowly collecting ski equipment from craigslist and local ski swaps. We just need one more pair of boots, and then we're off to the resorts.  Meanwhile the girls favorite new "lounge around the house" outfits consist of shorts, t-shirts, sometimes their robes, and their new/used ski boots.

Sophie lost her first tooth. It was pretty exciting. She's been waiting a long time to reach this important rite of passage.  She didn't immediately put it under her pillow because she wanted to show it to all of her friends.  But then she lost it, so the tooth fairy hasn't been to visit.  It hasn't seemed to bother her that she missed out on a couple quarters.  

 All in all it was a pretty good month.  I wouldn't mind if February brought more of the same.  Maybe just a little more snow.

 Post posting addition:  As I was initially posting this entry, I was lamenting that I hadn't taken any pictures of the girls in their lovely "lounging" outfits.  Then Sophie walked in dressed like this...


Erin L said...

your girls are so cute!!! hopefully we get a few weeks of good snow this month!

wrightNOW said...

Any of those books you read a good recomendation for a book club? I have to come up with a book for May... Your girls are SOOO cute!

Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

Loved the website. You take beautiful landscape pictures as well.

Shaunelle said...

Hahahaha, the "lounging outfit!" That last picture made me laugh so hard.