Monday, July 25, 2011


Sophie turned 4 last month...she really wanted a rainbow birthday party.

At her request the party included: rainbow sprinkle cupcakes, fruit loops, strawberries, blueberries, the game "don't eat pete," a pinata, and party hats.

We hung prisms (rainbow makers) over the food table, and they doubled as party favors.

We took her down by the river to take some birthday portraits. Which was a mistake because she HATES bugs. Mosquitoes stress her out.

Once we got her calmed down she agreed to let us do a few photos as long as Jacob stood by and fanned the bugs away with the reflector.

We even captured a few genuine smiles.

Our second location had fewer bugs...she was much happier, and more relaxed. We got some fun shots.

A few things about Sophie, age 4...

She loves to play with her sister.She's been trying to learn how to read, so that she can read like Ella.

She loves to draw and paint...which recently has included face painting...

She is resourceful and independent. Case in point...she needed a band aid. We were out. she made her own out of blue painter's tape.

She really wants a pet. She would prefer a dog, but birds are much more plentiful around here. She's been trying for weeks to catch a bird to be her pet. She's been building nests (complete with eggs pilfered from the refrigerator, and bird seed) in order to entice the birds close enough to catch.
So luck.
Her favorite foods are blueberries, strawberries, carrots and chocolate.

She loves to ride her bike and play outside.

If you ask her what her middle name is she'll respond "Sophie Claire Dahle," or "Sophie Claire Madeline Dahle." She refers to a large number of anything as a flock, ie..."Let's go to the library so we can get a whole flock of books, Look at that flock of hay." She loves going to primary. She reminds us every night that we need to read scriptures. She loves to sing.

We're so glad she belongs to us!


Erin L said...

She is so stinkin' cute! I love teaching her in sunbeams. And leave it Ana to have her mouth wide open when everyone else is smiling. Love your pics!

Heather said...

I think that's the photo that I told them to do a 'surprised' face. Ana's the only one who did it.

wrightNOW said...

What a darling birthday. Love the rainbow stuff. Did you make those party hats? Everything was so cute! I need your frosting recipe too :)
Happy Birhday to CUTE sophie!

Marci said...

I can't believe that Sophie is 4! She is such a cutie. Love the party decorations.
My kids were jealous that you live by water!

Camille said...

Great post. Everything looked so cute. And Sophie is such a doll.

Sara Morey said...

She is just a DOLL!!!! So adorable and full of personality! I just love your cute girlies! And what a fun little party you had for her. I love he rainbow theme! That made for some great photos. I'm bummed that we couldn't be there - Tan was sick that day. Sorry! But it looks like it was a blast!