Tuesday, July 12, 2011


View of Boston from MIT

Boston's been calling our name since we got here. We have some friends who were talking about going to Boston for the 4th of July, and it sounded like a great idea to us. We were able to see several historical sites as well as participate in some of the events happening around the city for the holiday. It was enlightening to see the historical sites and hear stories of Paul Revere, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, etc while standing where they took place. I came home with a better understanding of our nation's history, and greater appreciation for the founding fathers and all the soldiers who have fought for freedom. We also ate lots of good food, and watched the most amazing fire works show I've ever seen. Boston for the 4th might become a tradition for us.

Among the highlights...
  • watching the Wizard of Oz in the park
  • Ella learning to read the maps and navigate the subways
  • fife and drummers
  • Sophie trying all weekend to catch a bird to be her pet
  • hearing the Declaration of Independence read from the balcony of the Old State House
  • watching the USS Constitution out in the harbor
  • hanging out with the Larsens
  • good food
  • listening to the Boston Pops concert and watching fire works along the Charles River

4th of July 2011-Boston from Heather Dahle on Vimeo.

A few little details about the slide show:
The audio was all recorded while we were in Boston. The second song was the Middlesex County Volunteer Fife and Drum band. The last song was Martina McBride singing "God Bless America" during the pops concert. I don't remember what the first song clip was from. That was Ella reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the excerpt from the Declaration of Independence. She memorized them at school.

Also, at the very end, if you look to the bottom left of the picture, you can see the fireworks reflecting in one of the buildings (it's kind of cool).


Erin L said...

After seeing the pictures of all the stuff you saw before we got there, we might have to go back again. It was so much fun!

Brooke said...

awesome video, as always. I showed it to my boys and Caleb just LIT UP when he saw the pics of your kids. He kept saying, "there's Sophie!" and at one point when he saw the marching band in white wigs - "there's grandma!"

anyway, looks like a great time. Boston is high up on our list of places to visit - after seeing ya'll of course

Marci said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! After watching fireworks on TV this year I thought that someday we will have to be watching fireworks where it all took place.

Janelle said...

Oh how I wish I was there! I'm sooo very jealous! Loved to see all the Boston sights. Boston feels a little like a second home to me now. Hope you are enjoying the East Coast! We miss you!

Andi said...

Loved your Boston post. We did as much as we could when we lived there. So many great things. I'd highly recommend whale watching- we went off Cape Cod and it was way more exciting than I expected. Also, if your a Little Women fan, I loved Alcott's home in Concord..., of course Concord has lots of other stuff too like Walden Pond if you're into deep thinking. ;) Hartford, CT has incredible mansions to explore- so many great pictures to take. Also, we did a lighthouse "tour" along the coast of Maine. You can go online and there a directions you drive depending on which lighthouses you want to see. Just to name a few things. There were so many other things we didn't get to do. Enjoy exploring!

Groff Family said...

So glad that you guys got to go to Boston. I went a VERY long time ago when I was in high school, and I still remember it vividly. It's such a cool city. The East Coast is awesome. Aaron doesn't know whast he's in for if I keep seeing all of your cool posts of the East. I've been trying to convince him for many years to move back to where he grew up in Lancaster, PA.