Monday, February 1, 2010

Some (slightly) more coherent thoughts on change...

Some big changes for us this week.

as of last night...
  • We are in a new ward (we are on number 5 since moving to Tucson).
  • We will be attending church in the new building which only 3 minutes from our house. (We should now be 10 minutes closer to being on time).
  • I am no longer serving with the Young Women.

as with any big change, I have mixed feelings...

  • Anxious to meet new people.
  • Ecstatic about meeting in the new building.
  • Excited to have old friends in our new ward.
  • Regretful about things I could have done better.
  • Grateful for the things I learned from the girls and the leaders I served with, and for the friends I made.
  • Sad about leaving the most fantastic girls.

I will miss seeing their smiles every Tuesday and Sunday, (and sometimes Saturdays and Thursdays). These young women are wonderful in every way. I loved spending the last few years , singing, cooking, eating, painting, teaching, camping, swimming, crafting, sewing, dancing, filming, photographing, photo shopping, baking, laughing, hiking, and serving, with these young women.

To my fabulous girls:
Thank you... for being wonderful...for being excellent examples...for being so good to each other and to your leaders...and for listening to all my analogies :) When you're in the neighborhood come come say hi.

To the amazing women I've served with over the past 2.5 years:
Thank you...for your examples...for teaching me...for your strength...and for your friendship. I hope that we will find ourselves serving together again sometime.

To the wonderful Vail ward:
Thank you...for all the things that great wards do...for the support...for the help...for watching out for us...for teaching our girls.

To the people in our new ward that we already know:

To the people in our new ward that we don't know:
Here we come. We will be the family in the back with the two-year-old that can't seem to find her quiet voice, and the five-year-old with the pink bag who thinks church is a great big party every week.


Lori Lou said...

Well said Heather. I think the changes will be great! You are going to a fun 'NEW' ward. They are lucky to have the Dahle's even if the 2 year old can't find her quiet voice!

Marci said...

We are excited to have you back! It was a long time waiting!

Janelle said...

I'm with you -- change is hard. Those young women were so lucky to have you there. Dang, I wish I had a single good picture from YW ;) I feel the same way about my nursery babies. I'm ready to grow old sitting in a tiny chair and making dresses special so I can bend over to race toy cars :) If only it was always up to me :P

Heather said...

Thanks girls.

brooke said...

Heather, those are great pictures! got me kinda teary-eyed, actually. I have basically the EXACT same mixed feelings that you do about all this change - hmm, wonder why...

looking forward to tonight!