Friday, February 5, 2010

anyone want to trade cars?

I had to go get emission testing done on my awesome car yesterday.

It failed.

I got kind of offended. Then I was annoyed with myself for getting offended that my car failed the emissions test.

"It's a '01 Oldsmobile Alero, that has 147,000 miles on it for crying out loud. It's about time for it to start failing emissions."

That's what I had to tell myself last night as I was driving (after adding air to the leaky tire) to Checker Auto.

So sad. I was really hoping that I had developed a more healthy, moderate, relaxed attitude toward life, but alas my type A personality is still alive and well.

In conclusion:

I still need to work on the type A thing some more.

I can now add "environmentally challenged" to the growing list of issues of my high maintenance car needs addressed.

Note: We replaced the gas cap and the car passed emission the second time around. I'm so glad it was something little.


Janelle said...

We'd LOVE to trade cars :D Michael drives a 1984 Chevy Celebrity with probably 177,000+ miles on it, but we can't be sure because it only has five digits on the odometer. Last year we had to spend about $100 to pass S/E, but this year it passed (PHEW!!!) only to die on Michael's work's doorstep in the middle of winter. Fortunately that only took some fuel line cleaner and a tow back home to the warm garage :P
My little bro's wife is barely older than that car!!! BUT it is nice to only have one car payment.

Janelle said...

oh, and Michael's work is less than a mile away, so it's not like we're putting a lot of miles on it, LOL.

Justin said...

hmmmmm.. i'm tempted to trade just for your full gas tank.. but my car has 25000 fewer miles and passed emissions on the first try :)

Ashlie said...

I love that you got offended by it not passing. I'm still laughing. Be happy, our Passat just cost us 3500 dollars in repairs and still has 2 more electronic glitches we have to fix before it will pass emissions. It's at 100,000. Not cool. If it doesn't run until 300,000 now I might make scrap metal out of it myself. :)

Heather said...

I really don't hate our car. I know that's probably hard to believe for as often as I complain about it. It's been an okay just always has issues. There is a reason the Alero was discontinued. It has had issues from the first year we got it, brand new. Most of it's just little stuff, but we've had some crazy repairs we've (and by that I mean Jacob) have had to do. Lucky for me, my husband is a great mechanic.

Heather said...

Is it bad that it makes me feel better that you guys all have car issues too?

Andi said...

I'll just answer your question, and say "um, no". Just keep looking at those Europe pictures, and then you'll love your car again!

As for your last post... those girls will sure miss you! I've always admired your ability to gently lead and make it all about the girls and helping them along.

brooke said...

ok now I get it more about the needing new tires conversation. and I think it's great that Jacob is such a good mechanic, what a great skill to have!