Monday, November 16, 2009

Lake Geneva to London in 8 hours

As much as I like traveling, I'm not exactly a fan of the actual travel days.

Particularly when it involves trying to be on time for planes, trains, or buses.

It kind of stresses me out.

Having a car was awesome.

We had grown quite fond of the little Fiat.

We went where we wanted, when we wanted.

and next time we're planning to go where we want, when we want in this.

But now our rental time had come to an end.

And we had a deadline.

(No, really...this is serious business)

Our goal:

51 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, W1D 6BA, United Kingdom... 7:30 PM...

The execution:

Up at the crack of 9:00 AM (we opted for our cell phone alarm to wake us up. It seemed a little ridiculous to ask for a 9:00 AM wake up call).

Up. Packed. Ready.

Quick breakfast of granola and milk and chocolate (hopefully they don't charge for adding things to the mini bar fridge).

On the road by 11:00 AM.

Three hour drive to Basel, Switzerland.

Needed the extra time we allowed to for getting lost. (Got lost several times trying to find the airport and the rental car return. We did, however, learn two words in German...Ausfahrt "Exit", and Abfahrt "Departure").

Checked our bags...we were well under the weight limit...even with our 10 lbs of Swiss chocolate.

Security check point.


Luckily our flight was about 15 minutes late boarding.

In the air at 3:30.

2 hour flight to London, Stanstead.

Bought train tickets on the plane (very convenient).

Landed on time at 4:25...luckily we gained an hour.

To baggage claim (remember to walk left).

Customs. (how come customs agents are so unhappy?).

Out onto the train platform, quick bathroom stop (missed the 5:00 train by 2 minutes).

On the 5:15 train to London, Liverpool Street Station.

I love trains! It's the best way to travel.

45 minute train ride (met an awesome couple from New Zealand).

Liverpool Street Station is pretty awesome at rush hour (Wow...people are tall hear..and dress really well).

On the Underground to our hotel by 6:15 (Holy Cow!...people are tall here...and dress r
eally well!!).

Check into Citadines Apart'hotel at London Barbican at 6:30.

Quick change of clothes.

Back on the Tube at 6:50.

Transfer at King's Cross to the Piccadilly Line.

7:15- arrive at Piccadilly Circus.

Can't find Shaftsbury Avenue.

Ask a nice lady who doesn't know, but has a map.

Eventually find it via our GPS.

7:35 Arrive out of breath at the Queen's Theater for...

It was fantastic. exquisite.
ABSOLUTELY worth the rush.
(and we only had to wait 10 minutes to be seated).

11:00 PM dinner at a little Chinese place across the street from the Queen's Theater.
12:00AM wandered around Picadilly Circus for a little bit.
12:30 AM bought Cinnabon for dessert and headed back to our hotel.

The Underground at 1:00 AM


Andi said...

An adventure unto itself! And to have Les Mis at the end...I cannot think of a more perfect ending.

Marci said...

How fun! I've heard that plays in London are the best!

Ashlie said...

Just reading that stressed me out! I would love to see Les Miserables.

Troy and Nancee said...

I am loving your detailed travel log and pictures. I really feel like I am experiencing a lot of Europe, without the stress of traveling or money. Thanks for the great experience.

brooke said...

Heather, I have LOVED reading about your trip! Looks like you guys covered a lot of ground and saw some amazing sights. And Les Mis is still my favorite musical ever, I'm glad you got to see it. It's incredible. Also- way to go with making it on time! (I know punctuality is a tough one for you two...)

Neta said...

I saw Les Mis in London for my first time and it will always be my favorite musical. I love that theatre district.

Mom not Mum said...

Your picture taking skills actually make it look like the tube stations would be a place you would WANT to visit. Oh I miss London!