Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dedicated to the memory of Dad's childhood baker's chocolate story.

Remember Sophie's sixth sense. We'll it clearly isn't very discerning when it comes to type of chocolate.

The strict mom in me says "serves you right for snitching chocolate out of the pantry without asking."

The photographer in me says "Here, let me get you some chocolate milk to chase the bitter flavor, and bribe you to take some photos with the chocolate."

Ella was wondering what all the fuss was about and asked to try some.
Her reaction was much less dramatic.

I found a few things about this photo interesting...

The lazy mom in me was hoping that this would cure the inappropriate snitching behavior.

I guess it's time for a pantry lock.


Justin said...


Amy said...

Good Luck... my pantry lock only worked for a while. Paige has now figured out how to reach it and unlock it.

Colorado Red Head said...

Wow, your pantry is super organized

Rachel said...

haha. that is so cute. I've been admiring your photos. You have some amazing talent!!! I'm super jealous. I would love to be a better photographer. :) You have a new fan! Your girls are ADORABLE by they way

Janette said...

But look at that little snitchers face! She is just delighted with herself!!!