Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Long Day

Today was a long day. One of those days when you mop up a carton of spilled yogurt, only to find that when you turn around you step in another carton of spilled yogurt....

But I'll spare you the tedious details.

This is what I wish the list of my day looked like.

  1. Went Salsa dancing
  2. Made a chocolate cake ( I make a fantastic 7 layer chocolate cake, if I say so myself. You can't have a bad day with it sitting on your counter).
  3. Finished my book.
  4. Started another book.
  5. Painted a picture.
  6. Took some photos.
  7. Took a nap.
  8. Watched Christmas movies.
  9. Went shopping.
  10. Played dragon slayer with Ella and Sophie.
Oh Well, there's always tomorrow...


Andi said...

Just the chocolate cake alone would make for a very good day.

brooke said...

that's what vacations are for and why they are never long enough!