Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend in Review

My weekend involved...
  • 2 adorable trick-or-treating little girls.
  • 2 movies
  • 2 pecan pies.
  • 2 bike rides= tired legs.
  • 2 hair cuts.
  • 2% milk from a 24 hour convenience store 5 miles away, because Jacob didn't have any milk for his nightly midnight snack (cheerios & granola), and nothing's open past midnight in our neck of the desert.
  • 1 hour taking photos on the U of A campus with 1 of my favorite families.
  • the fruit on our 2 citrus trees is starting to turn orange.
  • 2 hours (minus an hour for us 'cause we were late, in true dilly-dahle style) of stake conference.


Justin Brunson said...

dilly-dahle style.... haha nice pun

Andi said...

All I can say is 2 pecan pies! Yum!