Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh, to be 4!

Climbing trees.

Searching for sunken treasure.

Jumping off buildings.

Singing songs.

Climbing mountains.

Sharing treasures.

Scaling walls.

Being a frog.

Chasing bad guys through the forest.

Generally saving the world.

How did you spend your afternoon?


Neta said...

I love how you dress Ella. She is so pretty. Great shots. I love the ones with the brick backgrounds.

Neta said...

What size do you set your width and height in pixels to make your big pictures.

I set mine to 600 and 450 on my fall post. Does it look distorted to you and if so what do you have your pictures set at?

Neta said...

I think I just figured it out to 640 X 480. Sorry

Ashlie said...

How fun. Isn't it great. I always think how nice it must be to have losing a marker or something be seriously distressful. Life is good at 4!

Kristen said...

I spent my afternoon packing up my husband and taking him to the airport for a conference in Hot-lanta.

Other things 4 year olds get to do:
Wear really cool boots.
Wear even cooler tights!