Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Not much on TV last night, so Jacob got online and downloaded last week's episode of Wipeout. Apparently watching Wipeout is a weekly ritual for Ella and Jacob on Tuesday nights while I'm at "Un-womens." It was hilarious to watch...Jacob laughing (silently...he's a silent laugher) so hard he could hardly breath , and Ella giggling while imitating the contestants' spectacular falls. (Sigh), what a cute daddy/daughter moment: to see a little girl, and a grown man bonding over the unfortunate wipeouts of others.

The show IS pretty funny.


Ashlie said...

That looks pretty sweet. We're going to have to check that out. My boys love watching people potentially hurt themselves.

Elisha said...

We love that show. we laugh so hard. hehe

Andi said...

I think I say "ooh. ahh. oh, no... ouch" the entire time I watch that show.

I'm just waiting for someone's head to pop off when they try to go over the red balls.