Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Festivities

I made the mistake last night of mentioning out loud that this was the first Halloween in a long time that one of us hasn't ended up with the flu.  Then Sophie woke up with a stomach ache.  When I called the attendance office this morning at the elementary school I had to resist the urge to add, "I promise she really is sick!  We didn't keep her out too late, and she didn't eat that much candy!"  Regardless of what the attendance office thinks, Sophie is my Netflix buddy today.  We've spent the day watching My Little Pony and editing photos.

Luckily we were all healthy enough to enjoy the Halloween Festivities over the last few days...

Pumpkin Carving:


 Meeting our friendly neighborhood Vampire:

Discovering Super Girl's secret identity:
(I recommend starting to hum the Super Man Theme right here as you scroll through the next few photos).

And...this one reminds me of Super Grover. 

Cataloging the Loot:
I discovered that my favorite Halloween candy is Skittles.  This revelation was a surprise to me because generally my favorite candy is something chocolate.  The only time I eat skittles is at Halloween.  Unfortunately, we only ended up with 3 little packs of Skittles.  

Tasting a War Head for the first time:

Happy Halloween!!!


Erin L said...

Love the pictures. They are every bit as awesome as last years. And I love the one of Ella drinking her red drink.

Benson Family said...

I assume this wasn't photoshopped but it looks like there is a bunch of bats in the third picture of Ella. Such great pictures. We missed our trunk or treat with the Essex ward!

Heather said...

That photo of Ella is photoshopped. I thought the leaves on the tree behind her kind of looked like bats, so I turned them into (what hopefully look like) swooping bats.

Sara Morey said...

Those red eyes!!!!!!! Ahhh!! Jacob totally could have scared people at night with his totally black outfit and glowing eyes. Such fun costumes!

Sara Morey said...

Oh and Tanner also got sick the day after Halloween as well that was unrelated to candy consumption. But I know how you feel when you tell people that it really is a virus and not from post-Halloween stuff!