Thursday, June 7, 2012

maple open house

Every year in March, Vermont holds a maple open house weekend.  Seeing as how Vermont is pretty famous for it's maple syrup, we decided we needed to participate.  The general idea is to visit several sugarhouses, watch maple syrup being made, make yourself sick on sample the different types of maple syrup, and maple products, and celebrate something very Vermont-y.

We got a late start so we only made it to one sugarhouse, Taft's Milk and Maple Farm in Huntington.  Unfortunately, because of some unusually warm, early spring weather they were no longer boiling sap.  But we were able to enjoy a cool little tour/explanation of the whole process.  And of course we ate our fill of the maple fudge, maple cotton candy, and the fresh donuts with maple cream. 


Janelle Southern said...

Is there a single square inch in your home not covered with pictures? It looks like every single one is worthy of display! Gorgeous, as always :)

Janelle Southern said...
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Heather said...

You're so nice, Janelle.