Thursday, November 10, 2011

fall adventures

Time to post something new because I'm tired of looking at pictures of me dressed as ginger spice.  

apple picking at chapin orchards
picking out pumpkins

harvest festival at shelburne farms
hay bale maze
wood jumping

yummiest corn ever!
making vine tiaras
before running a 10k with these awesome girls

the girls participating in the kids' 1/4 mile run

ribbons and candy
after running a 10k with these awesome girls

more apple picking at shelburne orchards

tired of picking
the swing!
cider donuts


Dave said...
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Colorado Red Head said...

These pictures of Sophie make me want to wear dresses and tights all winter long.

And I accidentally posted this comment with Dave's account first, so just to clear up any confusion Dave has no desire to wear dresses or tights ever.

Heather said...

Ha ha.

Marci said...

It looks like you live in heaven, or at least close to it!

Camille said...

Everything looks so pretty and green. I'm a little envious. :) The girls look so cute.