Sunday, October 9, 2011

sophie's first day of school

Sophie started preschool this week.  She has been persistently reminding us since we arrived in Vermont that she needs to go to school.  We enrolled her in a small class at the high school with her friend Ethan.  It is a cute class, and there are several high school student teachers as well as the main teacher, so she receives lots attention.  One drawback though was that it didn't start until October.  Six months is a long time to wait when you're four.  Her back pack and lunch box were packed and ready to go back in August. 

Finally, October 4th arrived, and school seems to have lived up to her expectations.  She basically bounces out of bed every morning, bed head and all.  She can't wait to get to school.  She's gotten dressed and ready in record time all week.  On our way to school every morning she makes a mental list of all the things she wants to tell her teachers and friends.  And on the way home she tells me all about her adventures (after first telling me that she can't remember what she did at school, of course).    It's picking her up from school that has presented the biggest challenge.   I've found that I cannot, under any circumstances, be the first mom to arrive at pick up.  That is unacceptable.  And regardless of when I pick her up I am greeted by the infamous Sophie scowl.  It requires a great deal of discussion before she'll agree to put the sand box toys away and get her stuff to leave. Oh, and she about had a meltdown yesterday when we were trying to explain that school isn't in session on weekends.  I hope this enthusiasm for school continues for a while. 


Bryan and Christy Clark said...

She is so darling! I'm so happy she is having fun. Everyday i ask Ethan is he played with Sophie and he tells me no. haha, I guess they branched out?!

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

awwww!! I miss her! I remember her wearing those cowboy boots to class a lot, lol. Glad she enjoys her new preschool class. :o)

Sara K. said...

She makes me laugh so much. Also, she's adorable.