Wednesday, September 14, 2011

our (half) marathon weekend

Last Saturday we headed to Manchester, VT for the day.
We watched the sunrise over the green mountain state as we traveled south.  

I participated in the Maple Leaf race...

...barely, but technically running across the finish line.  

The girls had fun handing out medals to the runners...

...and playing (I think her neck is feeling better). 

After the race we explored the area.

The St. James Church and cemetery in Arlington where Ethan Allen's wife is buried, as well as some members of the Green Mountain boys (from the Revolutionary War). 
Lunch break.  

Hildene:  Robert Lincoln's (son of Abraham Lincoln) home in Manchester. 

We also visited a Norman Rockwell exhibit (not pictured). 

It was a pretty great day.


Brooke said...

you ran a half? way to go! and I know i've said it before but Sophie is looking sooo big. and you haven't even been gone that long...

what another cool weekend!

Allison said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! What are goergous part of the country to live in. Kudos for running a half marathon!!

Heather said...

I've always heard that Vermont and the New England area were beautiful! Wow, a photographers dream!! Thanks for sharing!! Looks like you've settled in and are having fun!