Monday, June 20, 2011


I expected this move to require a lot of work. I expected to be frustrated and overly stressed occasionally. I expected that I would feel lost for a while. I expected to provide emotional support for our girls as they transitioned to a new home/school (surprisingly, they haven't needed much). I expected Vermont to feel a little foreign and mysterious. I expected to feel cold and damp. What I hadn't counted on was the combination leaving me feeling completely disoriented, which caused some moments of panic... "what the heck were we thinking!"

Fortunately, the anxiety has subsided significantly. I've scrubbed and unpacked the house enough that it's starting to feel like home. We've met our friendly neighbors (a family a few doors down with a little girl, and a family across the street with two young boys). We are able to sit outside in the evenings and chat while the kids play. One of our neighbors also works at IBM so he and Jacob are able to car pool. We have a fantastic ward with amazing people. We've been invited to do play dates, BBQ's, and dinners. The cold rainy weather has changed, and Vermont is warm and green. We feel so lucky to be here. It took us 5 days to unload our furniture between rainstorms.

The ramp we put together to move the piano into the house. We moved it by ourselves (go us)!!

drug store easter.

exploring our forest for the first time.

just behind our house.

gathering acorns.

Lake Champlain flooded from all of the rain.

sign of spring.


(note Ella's pockets stuffed full of various treasures collected in the forest).


petals in the road.


Lake Champlain at sunset.


Janelle said...

LOVE the pictures, as always. Glad you're getting settled. I visited Vermont for a weekend once when Lorilee's family was still living there. We went to the soccer games on Saturday morning and watched the boys play through a rain storm wetter than most showers! They finally called the game because they'd seen lightening. We were all soaked to the skin, despite wearing multiple layers!

Heather said...

It's incredible how much it rains here. But I guess that's why it's so green, and why you can practically watch the grass grow.

Ashlie said...

But look how GREEN! Sometimes I feel like I'm starting to forget that in some places things grow even of their own accord! Great shots! Glad you're getting settled. And thanks for sharing that you felt anxiety. I worry that if someday we do get out of here I'll feel that same stress when it's actually final. I think change has a way of doing that to us. Then I'll remind myself that you're doing fine. ;)

Brian Blumer said...

Clearly I don't look at your blog even close to often enough. These pictures are dreamy! Here's to happy new adventures for you and the family!

Erin L said...

We are so glad you are here! Ana loves Sophie and Ella and we think you guys are so much fun.

Allison said...

Beautiful pictures of a wonderful, green place to live! I think I drooled over my keyboard looking at how lush it is there. I am envious. Come winter, maybe not so much. Glad you guys are getting settling in okay. Keep those awesome pictures coming!

Heather said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind words.
Ashlie, you could move out here... :)
Erin, ditto.

Heather said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for all your information about photography stuff.... it's helped! I'm nearly done with the website... and your inputs helped a lot! You have a whole new world of photography places!! Lucky!! Miss ya!