Sunday, March 13, 2011

mw-p1: day 4

No pictures today, but it's starting to sink that we're leaving the place that's been home for the last (almost) 10 years. We have met many amazing people that we admire and feel privileged to call friends. We are excited for our Vermont adventure, but also anticipating the pangs of homesickness that are sure to come.

a few of the things we'll miss (in no particular order)...

great friends
mexican food
never having to worry about being under dressed
november bike rides
january picnics
monsoon season
the best book club ever
tucson's laid back pace
warm summer nights
350 days of sunshine per year
arizona sunsets
no daylight savings nonsense
installing christmas lights/ decor in 80 degree weather
road runners
fresh citrus right off the tree
"sonoran desert, after rain" smell
driving up mount lemmon
antifreeze? what's that?
flip flops=always appropriate foot wear


Janelle said...

that's going to be a huge change. Good luck. I've only been to Vermont once for a weekend (to visit Lorilee's family) but I remember a town built around the "village green"; walking from one end of "town" to the other to get ice cream at Creamies (however that's spelled); their coon scrap bowl next to the sink (they had several acres and in fact dumped the food bits in a heap on their property so the racoons ate that instead of the garbage; pints of fresh maple syrup they made from their own tapped trees; the color GREEN everywhere! Good luck finding your new loves in Vermont!

Brooke said...

we are sad. I'll especially miss those November bike rides with you! maybe this goes without saying but please call us before you leave for good, ok?

Bryan and Christy Clark said...

Heather! I found your blog! I loved the list of things that you will miss because it was so to mine when we left the west. And "never having to worry about being under-dressed", you do NOT have to worry about that in Vermont. haha. Mexican will miss it. A lot. They said the best Mexican here is a restaurant called Miguel's. It's not terrible, but not great, overpriced (mexican food is supposed to be cheap right?) but nothing compared to get west coast mexican food.

Bryan and Christy Clark said...

Sorry, I meant to say similar to mine, I hate proof reading. I really should start.