Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We had our annual family outing to the county fair last night. This was the first time that the girls have been old enough to understand what it is and to look forward to it. So it was extra fun this year. The weather was perfect, and the girls were on their best behavior. We wandered the exhibits, and admired the animals, pet the goats, saw lots of friends and enjoyed the rides. We just had a few little glitches in our otherwise fantastic night.

Misfortune number 1:Picking the Goliath Slide for Sophie's first ride experience.

After the ride she promptly informed me in no uncertain terms that "it was too scary."
And apparently the adrenaline rush was too much for her bladder. Luckily, there was a port-a-potty with no line at the bottom of the slide.

Phew, accident successfully averted.

Misfortune Number 2: Thinking that the climbing/maze "ride" that parents aren't allowed on would be better for Sophie.

Sophie was excited at first, but lost her enthusiasm when she couldn't make it up the rope ladder. The ticket guy (I'll call him Ticket Guy for short) let me go up far enough to lift her over the rail to bypass that part of "ride."

She happily continued on, until the bridge.
She didn't like the bridge, so she tried the hands and knees approach.
No luck. Still too uncomfortable for her.

We got Ticket Guy to let Ella go up to help her. Ella did a great job coaxing her across the first bridge.
But then she saw the second bridge, and she was done.
She didn't want Ella's help.
She didn't want to go forward.
Or backward.

This guy in the picture (I'll call him Friendly Guy for short) tried to help her but she let him firmly know that he needed to keep his distance.
So he kept his distance.
And she just stood there.
There was no crying, or hysteria. No panicking.
She was just done.
So she stood there.
And Friendly Guy stood there.
We asked Ticket Guy if we could go up and get her, but he said no.
There were a few more minutes of Friendly Guy trying to help, and myself trying to negotiate with her over the noise, and Jacob taking pictures.
Ticket Guy still wouldn't let us up. He was a little annoyed that we sent Ella up again because he'd already let her up once.

At this point, everyone in the immediate vicinity had stopped to watch what was happening.

So Ticket Guy went up to get her.

Still no crying, but she looked a little annoyed that Ticket Guy ignored her protests, and just picked her up and carried her down.

After she came down she told us very matter-of-factly, "It's too scary, I don't like it."

Fortunately we were able to redeem Sophie's 2010 fair experience with the Merry-go-Round...

the dragon roller coaster...

...and the Ferris wheel.
Surprisingly, the Ferris wheel won the Sophie Double Ride Award, so height is apparently not the issue.

And the winner of the Ella Double Ride Award...

Misfortune #3: Not keeping track of how many rides we had left on our pass.
Just before we left, we thought it would be fun to do one last ride all together. We picked the bumper cars. The girls were in line, excited, and then we found out that we didn't have any rides left on our pass. Luckily, the disappointment didn't last too long...we distracted them with ice cream.

We left exhausted, but happy. And the best thing about the end of the night...it's only a ten minute drive home.

We are already looking forward to next year.


Andi said...

Ah, made me feel like I was there again tonight! :) Too bad we missed the Sophie Exhibit... and seeing your family. We look forward to it every year.

Janelle said...

LOL Poor Sophie!!! That's just heartbreaking. I'm impressed how glued together she stayed! I can't believe Ticket Guy wouldn't let you go get her either. What a punk.
Looks like a lot of fun, though :)

kellie said...

I am mad at ticket guy...what a dumb rule! My kid would still be up there today!
Great pics as always heather!

Neta said...

I love how you share your stories of your girls. I loved the county fair.