Monday, January 4, 2010

If only...

Muggles for Harry Potter!!
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I really wish I could come up with a temporary sticking charm for my house. Things would stay put, and the charm would wear off only when I was done cleaning.

I also really wish I could come up with a vanishing charm for my walls...then...any marker, crayon, pen etc that came withing a 1/4 inch of my walls would vanish. Come to think of it...I would also place the vanishing charm on my couch and cupboards and floors.

And since things just can't vanish into thin air...they would end up in the room of requirement I would be sure to put in my house. Actually...I guess I already have a room of requirement of is more commonly known as the garage.

On a related note...I just finished reading the entire Harry Potter Series...I loved it just as much this time around.


wrightNOW said...

Tyler and I have LOVED the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques. It is very good. Tyler has read all of Harry Potter too, loved them, and loves this series too. It is about a mouse who becomes a warrior to save his community from the rats. Sounds strange...but it is really good. I have only read the first...but he is on book 6.

Janelle said...

I read the Redwall series in high school, they are a lot of fun! I wish I had a distractor spell around the kitchen. Then the kids wouldnt' keep leaving the fridge open, peanut butter all over the counter, etc.