Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last Night

We spent our last day in Europe shopping...we met a guy in the last little shop we were in who was very knowledgeable, well informed, friendly, and well connected...kind of reminded us a mafia guy. He was awesome. He gave us all sorts of advice, legal advice...he told us about hanging out at the motorcycle classic in South Dakota, and about his business in Florida selling beach wear to tourists. We bought a couple Eiffel Tower trinkets and some mugs from him.

After all of our shopping we were hungry for Moroccan food. This was the restaurant that our French Mafia friend suggested. We had couscous agneau, and a tagine. It was fantastic.

One last look of the Eiffel tower. We have taken this shot on all three of our trips.

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JACOB said...

That restaurant was so good. The french mafia apparently know the best places to eat.