Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 2009 will hereafter be know as "the Month we forgot to sleep. "

We have 2 weddings in the family this month. So between the 2 ceremonies and 3 receptions, in 4 different states, I will be home for a grand total of 8 days in March (which also happens to be the number of days I will spend traveling this month).

The girls are ready. They had their bags packed 3 days ago. 1 suitcase of movies, 1 suitcase of toys, and 1 suitcase of clothes. They even remembered toilet paper, lotion, soap, toothpaste, and diapers. They had so much fun, I felt a little sheepish the next morning when Ella realized that I had unpacked all her packing after she had gone to bed.

Ella's most excited about her two new beautiful, princess dresses, and new pair of shoes.

Jacob's most excited about getting to drive the rental car. Something new, fast, and not ours.

I'm most excited about some fun new photo opportunities with some new guinea pigs...I mean models.

Sophie's most excited about the travel snacks. I'm pretty certain their are a couple mini donuts missing from the stash.

I am a little nervous about 1 thing. I'm worried that Ella's bruise from dropping the piano bench on her nose the other day will be in full bloom, just in time for the first wedding this weekend.

Other than that we are just plain excited. Excited to see everyone, eat great food, edit photos, makes slide shows, stay up late, and enjoy some great parties.

And PS...the weather here is perfect right now!! I plan to find time to enjoy it thoroughly between our little (and not so little) jaunts out of town.

And PPS...Ella dropped the piano bench on her own nose. Just to be clear...


Andi said...

Sounds like a traveling extravaganza! If I was Sophie, I'd already be sneaking those donuts!

Ashlie said...

Wow! Good luck with all that. Can't wait to see the pictures of everything!

The Staub Squad said...

Good luck with all your travels. Funny thing, Lesley's soon to be grew up with my husband. I met him in college. It's crazy to me that two people from Broomfield will be married to two people from Sugar Land. Such a small world.

Melissa said...

ouch! her poor nose. Julianna is constantly banging hers on something over here. have a great month! i'm excited to see all the pictures too :-)

NETA said...

I love the lighting on your girls pictures. Good luck traveling.