Monday, February 9, 2009

For Dave and Lesley


Colorado Red Head said...

They look really good. Thanks for doing those for us

Suzann said...

Awesome pictures Heather! You did a great job!

wrightNOW said...

WOW! Congratulations to Leslie!!! That is so exciting. Great pictures heather...they are treasures!

Marci said...

I really like them! I have about four that are my favorites, just in case you wanted my 2 cents!

allie said...

Great job, Heather! I think they all look great! How are you liking your new lens? :)

Susannah said...

I love these! Good job. That isn't a cross in the window is it?

Sara said...

this is sara and matt, dave's sister and brother. here's our opinion on the pics
1. yeah
2. ok, not our fav
3. yeah
4. no
5. no
6. ok
7. no
8. good
9. no
10. yeah
11. yeah, yeah
12. ok
13. no
14. no
15. yahoo
16. wahoo

I think they should do one of those invitations where you use lots of pictures cause I love the last 2. excited to meet your family in nauvoo. you can check out our family blog at have a fabulous day!

Janette said...

Heather you are so talented! How exciting for Leslie, that is such a great time in life! I think, and I know my opinion is the one that really matters, that they are great, they are such a cute couple!