Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ella's Prayer

Last night Ella said the prayer at dinner.

Pere Celeste,
Merci pour la nuriture,
Merci we are having dinner,
Merci we are having fun,
Merci that mom made dessert,
and that it is for us.


Last week I spent most of my time baking treats for a wedding. I guess she noticed that she didn't get to eat any of them. I think she enjoyed dessert last night.


Neta said...

Cute prayer. That is so cool that she doing great with French as well. The only French my kids know is manger. I love the scene from South Pacific that they tell the kids to manger so I have said that ever since I have had kids.

rey2cute said...

Hey Heather,
Just want to say what a wonderful job you did last week at the wedding reception. You are so talented and sweet for sharing. By the way, I added you to my favorites and now I'm gonna stalk you! Rey.