Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things Sophie Has Swallowed (This Week)

Sophie is not a discriminating eater. She never has been. She has yet to refuse anything I have offered her. Her favorite foods include Shredded Wheat, tomatoes, and enchiladas. Today she ate sauerkraut. In most ways this is a blessing. I definitely don't have to worry about her being malnourished, however, she seems to think that everything is food. I don't remember Ella trying to eat everything in sight when she was one, but maybe not having an older sister to leave stuff laying around has something to do with it.

Things Sophie has swallowed this week:
*a penny
*a whole pack of gum
*a rock
*a cherry from Ella's "hi ho cherry-o game"

Things Sophie has tried swallow this week:
*a hair clip

I've had to remind Ella over and over again to keep her little things put away, and out of reach so that Sophie won't choke. Last night, about a half an hour after putting the girls to bed, I heard some serious choking, and rushed in expecting to find Sophie choking on a penny or small toy that Ella had "accidentally" put in Sophie's crib. Instead I found Ella in a panic, trying to gag up what ever she had just swallowed. After a pretty intense minute or two of trying to coax the unidentified object out, it decided to go down. At first she wouldn't tell me what she had swallowed. I think she was afraid she was going to be in major trouble. It was a pretty scary experience for both of us. I spent sometime drying her tears, calming her down, and helping her get her breath back. When she finally told me what she swallowed, I started laughing. I couldn't help it. Poor Ella was so stunned, she started crying again.

Things Ella has swallowed this week:
*a hair clip

Hopefully Ella has learned why it's so important not to leave her little choking hazards where Sophie can get them.


Justin Brunson said...


..but also scary. like really scary.

Ashlie said...

OK, I'm am so excited you decided to blog. Not funny but so funny at the same time. Maybe I'm morbid?! Great posts. I look forward to more.